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Search results

By default, the messages displayed on the results page are sorted from the latest to the oldest and each page displays up to ten results. With the advanced search mode, you can change these settings to match your preferences.

When there are many results, they are sometimes displayed on several pages. Do not get caught by this: if you can not find the message you are looking for, make sure that there are no other results page before giving up...

When you specify a large search range, sometimes only a part of the messages is processed in a first step of search. In this case, a button labeled 'Continue search' displays below results. Click on it to search in the rest of messages. If messages are very numerous, sometimes you will need to perform this action several times.

For each message, the information displayed on the results page is the following:

To read one of the messages matching your search, you only need to click on its subject.

Be careful: with Internet Explorer, if you go and read a message from the results page, you will not be able to use the 'Back' button of your browser to come back to that page. We advise you to use a modern browser such as Firefox. If you can not use a browser other than Internet Explorer, we advise you to open messages in a new window (right click on links and choose 'Open in New Window') in order to preserve your search results.

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